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Charity RCN 1191054


Hi All,
Hope you are all fit and well but for those of you who aren’t, get well soon and come and see the progress we have made since taking up residence at 314 Chester Road, Hartford.
Many months age when we were in our temporary home in the Citizens Advice offices on Meadow Street, lots of you came along to sign up for our new venture. Since then, many of you who signed up as members, have not been back. Although disappointing, it is understandable that we had no activities available apart from coming along for a chat and cup of tea or coffee.
Now in our new premises and have been paying rent, rates and utility bills for the past few months, things are getting tight on the income front. We are close to finishing off the set up of the new Woodworking Workshops, the Model Making Room bar some shelving and the Scroll Saw Room which is now operational. The Metalwork Room is well underway and we will be working on the Product Assembly and Finishing Room soon The Kitchen and the Mess Room are fully operational. In addition, we have had all the Portable Apparatus Testing done on all the electrical items and we are now at the point to start selecting rooms for our new activities. The activities proposed have not been finalised yet as we need our members to come along to tell us what they would be interested in doing in these still vacant rooms. We have three, possibly four rooms still to equip. Activities currently being considered are, Pottery, Art and Crafts, Photography and Music.
If there is any other activity you are interested in, then you need to come along to tell us before the current vacant rooms are full when it will be too late. It is possible we could have a Miscellaneous Activity Room. This we do not know yet if no one tells us what they want. This is one dilemma we have at the moment.
The other dilemma and of greater concern, is the biggest worry. If members do not come along and do not pay their subs, we will eventually have insufficient funds to carry on. We are strongly reliant on monthly subs and have made items available to sell. At this stage funding from external sources, although applied for, can take many months to be awarded so you can see our dilemma.
We still have a number of commission jobs to complete yet. This involves partly working on site away from the Shed which may interest some of you. This is your chance to enjoy a bit of light work in the fresh air and some fun and banter at the same time.
The Trustees and some of your fellow members have worked hard since we lost our old Shed so, PLEASE do your very best to come along and start paying your subs so between us we can keep your Shed going.

If you cannot make the journey, please contact Malcolm Dunlop by phone on 07905247504 to arrange for you to set up a standing order or direct debit to start paying your monthly subs. This could also be set up to be paid quarterly or annually, if this suits you better.
Alternatively, PLEASE CONTACT ME ON 07952226193 or in person when we meet at the Shed.

Don’t forget, if you want to talk about anything else, you can always give me a call on the phone number above Best regards and hopefully see you soon.


Steve Jackson (Trustee)

Mid Cheshire Community Shed, CIO Charity Registration No. 1191054



Our aim is to promote social inclusion for people, male and female, within the Cheshire area, from becoming socially excluded by providing a place to go and meet like minded people on a social level. We provide facilities in which you can meet to undertake, jointly or individually, creative, physical or recreational activities. Learn or pass on skills and knowledge and support each other in order to improve the health and wellbeing of our members.

There maybe many reasons why you would like to join us. It could be as a result of one of more of the following factors: unemployment; financial hardship; bereavement or old age; loneliness; ill health (physical or mental), or just plain boredom. Whatever the reason it does not matter, you will be welcome to join in and we will be happy to see you.

Currently we have the facilities for woodwork and metalwork and are looking at other activities that will interest a diverse membership as well as facilities to enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits and a friendly chat. We are in process of creating different activities for our members, the more the merrier.


Please contact:-  Richard Bates (Chairman)

      Phone                  07453366862



A Good Day at the Shed A Good Day at the Shed